Baking is a passion for me. When I’m having a bad day, I find myself searching for a new cookie idea. When I’m feeling a little sick, oddly enough I love to whip up a batch of banana bread or cookies. It’s my go to on the good days and the bad.

From the time I was a little girl, I always loved baking. My Great Aunt Sylvia would have me over to her house to make cookies for the church bake sale, Christmas and sometimes just for fun. Most of the time it was just the pre-packaged dough you buy at the grocery store but hey – they still tasted delicious! For most of my life I used boxed cakes, Tollhouse dough, and canned icing until about the time that I graduated from high school.

In 2010, I started baking at a little Italian Restaurant in Williamsport, PA where I waited tables. The restaurant is family run – the grandparents who founded it were straight-off-the-boat Italians! ‘Nonna’ as they called her taught me how to make the most delicious biscotti from scratch and I fell in love. Within a few months, I was spending the majority of my paychecks on new baking pans and ingredients to whip up something new and delicious.

In order to pay for my new habit, I began selling my cookies, cakes, and treats (or at least making my family and friends cough up some money when they wanted something!) The name DarryCakes came from a nickname that my mom used to call me as a baby. As I entered college, my friends fell in love with DarryCakes and they constantly pushed me to do more. I began #DarryCakes on Instagram. The fraternity I’m a sweetheart for hosted a #DarryCakes bake sale every semester and people began reaching out to me to do little things here and there.

Now that I’ve entered post-grad life, I’ve decided to take DarryCakes to the next level. I hope as you step through the pages of my baked delights, you’ll find your mouth watering!